Spanish chain Roc Hotels sign contract with Gaviota Group

Spanish chain Roc Hotels sign contract with Gaviota Group

HAVANA, Jan 11 Spanish chain Roc Hotels and Gaviota Group sign a contract for hotel administration and commercialization, according to a message distributed in Havana.The statement from the parties expresses that the deal points to the Hotel Lagunas del Este II (Ex Ocean Casa del Mar) which will be marketed under the name of Hotel Roc Casa del Mar.

They also agreed to cancel the contract on the Hotel Roc Lagunas del Mar which, due to various circumstances (Covid-19 pandemic and reforms), did not open under that commercial denomination.

The new opening is scheduled for January 27, according to the text. In this five-star facility, located in the well-known destination of Cayo Santa María (central Cuba), Roc Hotels’ standards and work procedures will be applied.

It has been specified that such standards are highly recognized among guests, as reflected in the opinion portals of the rest of Roc Hotels in Cuba.

Being a five-star hotel, the Excelsior Club service, exclusive to Roc Hotels, will be implemented, offering attractive added values, exclusive and differentiated from the usual service, which is the equivalent of the Roc Plus service that is so successful in the firm’s four-star establishments.

ROC Hotels is a family-owned hotel chain founded in 1998 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and is currently immersed in a strong expansion, the document recalled.