Spaniard Starts Jet-Ski Journey from Cuba to Mexico

havana-live-jet-skiSpanish navigator Alvaro de Marichalar left Havana en route to Cancun, Mexico, to complete another stage of his jet-ski journey commemorating the 500 years since the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Nuñez de Balboa.
De Marichalar left Thursday on his jet ski “Numancia” from Havana’s Club Nautico Marina Hemingway headed for Mexico, a crossing which, if all goes as scheduled, should last about two days and will include two stops to take on supplies in the eastern Cuban province of Pinar del Rio.
The Spanish adventurer, 52, arrived in Havana on Tuesday from Key West, Florida, a long trip during which he was accompanied by his wife, the Russian Ekaterina Anikeeva, who joined him for the first time on his navigation of the high seas.
Up to now, De Marichalar has traveled 210 miles of the 2,400 planned for this expedition, which will celebrate Nuñez de Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific Ocean on Sept. 25, 1513.
His next stops will include ports of call in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia, where he expects to wrap up his voyage in January 2014.
De Marichalar adds this tribute to the one he made in March and April to the discovery of Florida by colonizer Juan Ponce de Leon 500 years ago, following his maritime route. The navigator, who travels alone with no support vessel and always standing as he jet-skis, devotes these expeditions to raising funds for non-governmental organizations and beneficent foundations.

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