Spain reveals how much Cuba has to pay

Paris Club adjusts payment schedule to collect multi-million dollar debt to Cuba

HAVANA, June 17th 2,030 million euros, the debt From Havana with Madrid. This is a statistic that the Pedro Sanchez government has yet to disclose, but has no choice but to answer citizens’ questions

According to Half Spanish, Cuba is the second-largest lender to Spain after Greece’s 6,314 million in debt. The money would also go to countries such as China, Tunisia and Turkey.

Those five are Madrid’s major debtors, adding up to 71.7% of Spain’s total foreign debt.

The Pedro Sanchez government released that information this week, and step, The amount Havana received is astounding, “he said. In this way, the government is financing Cuba, while at the same time continuing to scratch Spain’s pockets. “

Once the information is known Spanish assistant Pablo Campronero, a Member of the so-called Mixed Committee of Congress. He sent questions to the government in response to what the government is doing to collect the outstanding amount.

In one of his posts Twitter profile, The legislator shared the letter sent to the government and the approval for the receipt. “In the case of Cuba’s debt to Spain, Political repression “What is the funding of more than 2,000 million euros given to an internationally verified true dictatorship? That raised the question.

Similarly, he questioned how the debt is being restructured. “Were there conflicts with any state?”, He continued after pointing out Havana’s total debt restructuring brought the total debt to 1,855,084 euros.

“An explanation is needed. I’m asking for it,” Campronero concluded his message.

In addition, the deputy, a former member of the Ciudadanos party and creator of the profile of Congreso Escucha, warned that Venezuela is the eighth country on the list of lenders where citizens can leave questions he cares about after asking Pedro Sánchez’s administrator., albeit with a much smaller amount than Cuba.

Earlier this month, a lawyer who asked the Spanish government for information on debt cancellations with the Cuban and Venezuelan governments went to court in Madrid. Prevent those statements from being published.

In December 2015, Spain signed a debt relief agreement with the Cuban government in association with the Paris Club. In June 2021, an additional signature was signed “to restructure certain debt maturities”.

At the request of the Council on Official Transparency, Madrid later revealed Total amount of debt with Cuba1,937 million euros, but declined to provide the remaining information.

New information has been released in Havana had its annual meeting with the Paris Club. It has not been paid since 2019. In the 2021 balance sheet of that body of debtor states, Cuba owes $ 5,211 million Nearly half of what he had when the agency forgave the 11,000 million raised in 2015. After that deal, Raul Castro promised to restructure the debt and agree to pay it back.