Spain Plans to Open New Consulate in Santiago de Cuba

Spain,Santiago de Cuba,Consulate,Bruno Rodriguez,HAVANA, April 29 (PL) The Spanish government is planning to open a new consulate in Santiago de Cuba, an issue debated during the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez´s recent visit to Spain, Prensa Latina confirmed today.

This was announced by the Assistant Secretary for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Cristobal Gonzalez-Aller, who appeared on the Congress of Deputies to submit in detail the budgets of such a department.

Gonzalez-Aller said Cuba has already authorized the opening of a second Spanish Consulate, specifically in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Some diplomatic sources consulted by this agency ratified that this future Spanish consular office in Cuba ‘will be the first one – not honorary – to open outside of Havana,’ that is, of maximum rank.

Honorary consulates have more limited competences than career consular posts, particularly in matters relating to travel documents and Civil Registry.

The informants revealed that this subject had been communicated by the Cuban Foreign Minister, and one of the issues analyzed in their talks with Spanish authorities when he visited Madrid on April 17 and 18.