Sole Survivor from Cuba Plane Crash in Critical but Stable Condition

HAVANA, July 5th  – Mailen Diaz Almaguer, the only survivor from the plane crash that killed more than a hundred people in May in Havana, is now in a stable condition, although a medical report on Wednesday reported that she was in a “critical” state due to respiratory problems.

In the last 72 hours, the 19-year-old patient was reattached to a mechanical ventilator due to lung damage caused by injuries that affect the functioning of her vital systems, according to a medical report from Calixto Garcia University Hospital in Havana, published by state media.

The Boeing 737 crashed shortly after take-off from Havana airport en route to Holguin on May 18 with 113 people on board. The reason for the crash is still unknown.

The director of Calixto Garcia University Hospital, Dr Carlos Alberto Martinez Blanco, said Diaz Almague has responded favorably to the intensive surgical procedure on her left leg, as the infections in that area which had posed a major threat to her condition have been controlled.

“Mailen is conscious, cooperative, in interaction with the treatment as well as the team in charge of her, and her cognitive condition as well as overall process continues to improve,” the doctor detailed the report.

Diaz Almaguer is the only survivor from the crash and was one of three Cuban women who were transferred alive to the hospital. The other two died in the following days.

Among the 112 victims, mostly Cubans, there was also an Argentine couple, two men of Saharan descent and a Mexican woman, while the six members of the airline’s crew were also Mexican.