So can you send remittances to Cuba and charge them in US dollars

Cuba habría ofrecido a Western Union entregar en dólares el dinero de las remesas

HAVANA, February 13. Do you want to send money and have your relatives receive it in US dollars?

We show you away, through a serious platform, and that not only processes remittances to Cuba, but also to many other countries.

For obvious reasons, many Cubans are now interested in being able to collect family remittances in US dollars (USD) and not just in Cuban pesos or as bank deposits in MLC (Freely Convertible Currency). And it is logical that if the real exchange rate is 4 times higher than the one managed by the government, obviously many will prefer to receive the American bills in their hands, and not exchanged for local currency.

In other words, while the state exchanges dollars at a rate of $1.00 USD= $24.00 CUP, in the informal foreign exchange market, where we can truly have a faithful equivalence rate, both currencies are exchanged at a rate of $1.00 USD= $100.00 CUP .

So if someone from abroad sends $100.00 USD to Cuba through traditional channels, their relatives would only receive $2,400.00 CUP, while if they receive the remittance directly in dollars, $100.00 USD would be equivalent to $10,000.00 CUP.

On the other hand, receiving a remittance in US dollars is really convenient for those who are currently collecting foreign currency in order to travel to Nicaragua or another country for migratory purposes or to make purchases. If they receive the USD in hand, they will obviously not have to pay it at the aforementioned prices of $100.00 CUP for each dollar.

Although there are many intermediaries who are dedicated to sending dollars to Cuba, these people are not always completely trustworthy. So many wonders if there is a serious and totally safe way to send remittances and collect them in US dollars? The answer is yes.

With sendvalu now you can not only send remittances in US dollars, but your family in Cuba can also collect their money in dollars, and not only in Cuban pesos or MLC.

How to make the payment?

The payment is very safe and can be done quickly and without problems. Who sends money can use a VISA or MasterCard credit card. And from several countries, they also offer the possibility of making payments through iDEAL or Nordea transfers.

How secure is the transfer?

The payment service is certified and controlled by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), a European country.

To which places in Cuba can you send money?

Customers can send money to any province in Cuba, regardless of how far away the beneficiary’s town is.

What is the maximum amount of money you can send to Cuba?

Although there are other alternatives for sending money to Cuba with sendvalu in the modality that we are talking about today, that is, for direct payment in dollars, you can only send a maximum of $200.00 USD.

It is also important to note that the platform currently only allows fixed amounts of $100.00 and $200.00 USD. (In other words, you will not be able to send either 130.00 or 145.00 USD, but transfers of $100.00 or $200.00 USD). But the good news is that the platform does not limit the number of money transfers you want to make.

If you want to send money to Cuba and have it charged in US dollars, you can do so through this link. Or you can also contact this company through their Facebook, where you can also read the opinions of other clients before making your transfer.