Small private Cuban company promotes the use of clean energy

Small private Cuban company promotes the use of clean energy

HAVANA, Oct. 28th.  Energía Ecosur S.R.L. is a private MSME dedicated to the installation, maintenance, repair and technical support of electrical systems, solar panels and similar, based in Cienfuegos and with contracts with various state and private entities.

Rafael Martínez Oquendo is one of those young Cubans who is forging a future in Cuba thanks to his perseverance and work. Today he is focused on the installation and marketing of solar panels in homes and businesses and on the execution of civil works for photovoltaic parks.

With his initiative, he promotes the use of renewable energy, something in full harmony with the interests of the country, which has proposed generating more than a quarter of its energy matrix with renewable sources.

“When the installation of one-kilowatt solar panels in homes began in Cuba by the Copextel Company, the idea of creating a group or small company that would be dedicated to that function here occurred to me, and several people prepared to meet together this field and we began to think about how to make it possible,” Martínez Oquendo told Prensa Latina.

“Today we are the only MSME or small private company here that is dedicated to the installation of these renewable energy equipment, which is something that is also aligned with the country’s interests in promoting this source of energy,” he declared.

 Small private Cuban company promotes the use of clean energy

The management of Energía Ecosur S.R.L. It has regular meetings with the Electrical Union and the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy (Onure) to align its business interests with the development intentions of the territory in this sense.

Ecosur is currently in the contracting process for the installation of solar panels and a 40-kilowatt solar park in a rural community in Cienfuegos, which will supply energy to all homes and the local mini-industry, seeking to create a self-sustaining community there that only uses energy. clean.

In 2020, 95.1 percent of the electricity generated in Cuba came from non-renewable resources and only 4.9 percent from renewable sources, such as biomass, solar, hydraulic and wind. Cuba aims to reach 37 percent of all energy generated from renewable sources by 2030.

The main renewable source in Cuba is photovoltaic solar, which has an installed power of more than 240 megawatts in solar parks, capable of producing the electrical energy consumed by 200 thousand families. Business initiatives like that of this young Cuban contribute to this end.