Sirius XM Radio broadcasts from Havana

havama-;ive-siruisxm_radio HAVANA, Jun 13 (acn) The US radio station Sirius XM Radio was the first to broadcast a live program for the entire United States from Cuba in over 50 years, taking advantage of a visit of its team to the island, where it will stay for seven days.
The host of the program, civil rights activist Joe Madison, known as ‘The Black Eagle’, has been commissioned to lead this historic expedition, which will also take him to meet with government officials and visit various monuments of Cuba, the Web site reported.
“This broadcast from Cuba is a historic moment and I’m happy to share with Sirius XM listeners at this crucial point in a new era for Cuba, and in its relations with our country, it is exciting to hear Cuban voices directly for the first time in decades,” said Joe Madison during the broadcast.
Among guests to this special program, transmitted from Havana’s Radio Taino studios, were figures from the academic fields and also from the fields of culture, entertainment and social activism, including Professor Arnaldo Coro, a Cuban radio broadcaster and a professor at the University of Havana, and DeWayne Wickham, a veteran journalist of the U.S. press.