Singapor Hotel Chain Sets Up Airline for Local Flight in Cuba

Singapor Hotel Chain Sets Up Airline for Local Flight Connectivit

HAVANA, May 16th. Due to the lack of adequate connectivity between the main tourist destinations in Cuba, the group MGM Muthu Hotels announced that it will establish its air service that will operate under the brand “Muthu Aviation“.

To this end, it will base an ATR 72-600 in Cuba that will connect Havana with Cayo Coco, Holguín, and Santa Clara starting in December, after completing the procedures with the local authorities.

The information was made known by Keith Campbell, director of Muthu Aviation, who explained to the Portuguese portal Publituris that “people coming to Cuba want to spend a few days in Havana and then move on to the beaches, which currently can only be done by land.

That’s why I believe that Muthu Aviation will be an advantage because in an hour and a half you can travel from Havana to Holguín, for example”.

Campbell also said that the ATR 72 will be operated by European crews, which, he assured, will be fundamental in generating confidence and attracting European or Canadian tourists who visit Cuba.

Muthu Aviation will not only be available to passengers staying at MGM Muthu hotels but the flights will also be marketed through online booking sites or travel agencies.

MGM Muthu Hotels, originally from Singapore, owns two luxury hotels in Cuba, one in Santa Clara and the other in Havana.