Silvio Rodríguez: ‘Es obvio que Cuba necesita revolucionar la Revolución’.

Silvio Rodríguez: 'Es obvio que Cuba necesita revolucionar la Revolución'

HAVANA, July 3rd The singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez considered this Thursday that “Cuba needs to revolutionize the Revolution” and that the actual experiences of socialism, as conceived, show that “it is impracticable.”

It is obvious to me that Cuba needs to revolutionize the Revolution, as (Mexican President) Andrés Manuel (López Obrador) suggested during his recent visit. I know it’s not easy, much less in the very difficult current conditions,” Rodríguez wrote on the blog another appointment.

Rodríguez, 75 years old and faithful defender of the regime established by Fidel Castro, admitted that “a society that cannot guarantee basic satisfactions is a society in crisis“, referring to the current situation of galloping inflation and critical shortages that Cuba is experiencing, although he blamed this on the embargo.

“The designers of the blockade knew it; their destructive desire led them to make it a law, to make it inexorable,” he said.

However, he noted that “the various real experiences of socialism show that, as it was conceived, it is impracticable“.

“Be it because of human characteristics or because of the predominance of capitalism in the world. I have always thought that you have to take the best of each system“, said.

A personal friend of López Obrador, Rodríguez recalled the Mexican president’s speech during his visit to Havana on May 8, and quoted the president’s phrases at the time: “I prefer to continue to hope that the Revolution will be reborn in the revolution, that the Revolution be able to renew itself.

For the official musician, “China and Vietnam experiences are the best so far: socialist governments running capitalist economies”.

In that sense, he added: “I’m not talking about tracing but about interpreting” and asked himself “where are we going if we don’t recognize what happens to us? It’s absurd not to admit the manifest evidence, even if part of the evidence is fabricated.”

“It is unfair, as well as senseless, to turn chimeras into principles. Not seeing it is hopeless. Imposing it is atrocious,” said Rodríguez, who admitted in 2020 having participated in an act of repudiation in 1980 against his colleague from Nueva Trova Mike Porcel.

Silvio Rodríguez frequently issues controversial opinions that make headlines in the press.

Recently, he declared in an interview that “there are countries where the opinion of others is silenced with bullets” and “none of that has happened in Cuba.” Previously, he expressed concern that “the Cuban Revolution ends up being counterrevolutionary.”