Shortage of Cigarettes in Havana

33162391_11534044Havana, October 9   Partial shortage of cigars and cigarettes at Havana’s local shops is due to increasing consumption and hoarding and other reasons, according to local media.

The shortage has been made evident in shops that sell these products in Cuban pesos as residents from other provinces like Artemisa and Mayabeque, close to Havana, have purchased large amounts of cigarette package, add to this the increasing number of adolescents with smoking habit.
The vice-director of the Group of Wholesale Shops Francis Herrera explained about some cigarette brands largely affected by the shortage and added some of them are rapidly sold out from shop shelves despite a large local production.
Cigars undergo the same situation, however up to September nearly three million cigars were distributed to the commercial network and in order to revert the situation the Group of Wholesale Shops is considering a strategy to increase cigar production next year.(ACN)