Ship “Cuauhtemoc” of Mexican Navy arrives at port of Havana

Ship "Cuauhtemoc" of Mexican Navy arrives at port of Havana

HAVANA Sep 8th (ACN) The school ship BE-01Cuauhtémoc, from the Navy of the United Mexican States, anchored today at the International Wharf of the Revolutionary Navy of Cuba (MGR) to make an official visit to this capital.

A group of chiefs and officers of the MGR welcomed their ship’s colleagues in a colorful ceremony, in the company of Enrique Martínez Martínez, Mexico’s ambassador to Cuba, and representatives of the diplomatic and military corps of several countries.

Captain Rafael Antonio Lagunes Arteaga, with his 234 crew members, is on the ship’s front, and he has on board the 2019 generation of Cadets of the fourth year of the Naval Systems Engineering (General Body) race, consisting of nine women and 48 men.

In addition, five invited officers from the marinas of Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and Italy, three from the Secretariat of National Defense and others attached to the nautical shipping schools in Veracruz, Tampico and Mazatlan.

The sailboat thus began its 2018 Latin American Sailing Instruction Cruise and at its entrance through the port of Havana fired 21 salvoes of artillery, in the traditional marine salute, which reciprocated his colleagues from a battery of artillery of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, from the San Fortress. Carlos de La Cabaña

In its first official activity of the day, the visitors placed a floral offering to the National Hero José Martí, in the Central Park, and this same afternoon, at 3p.m. will anchor towards its original destination in Mexico.

Under the command of Commander Carlos Alberto Maldonado Sanchez, the Huasteco AMP 01, of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, was in Havana last June at the invitation of the MGR.