Several train routes resume service in eastern Cuban provinces

Several train routes resume service in eastern Cuban provinces

HAVANA, June 8 The Eastern Railway Company (EFO) will reinforce passenger transportation starting in the summer with the entry into operation of new itineraries.The Santiago-Manzanillo, Bayamo-Manzanillo and Holguín-Antilla routes are planned, and the reincorporation of the Guantánamo-Holguín route is also being evaluated, as Yasnay ​​Sánchez Robert, Director of Operations of that regional entity, informed the Granma newspaper.

“We are repairing the formations, mainly the Santiago-Manzanillo, as well as the large and medium-sized locomotives, and ensuring fuel to comply with the itineraries,” said Sánchez Robert.

The board added that the state subsidy is maintained regarding fares, meaning that there will be no increase in ticket prices in relation to the previous service on similar routes.

It is also expected that these itineraries will remain beyond July and August.

Currently, the Guantánamo-Santiago train (known as the “university”) provides services in eastern Cuba on Mondays and Fridays; from Monday to Saturday the Holguín-Las Tunas; the urban Bayamo-Mabay; the Santiago-Contramaestre; as well as the motor cars that cover four daily routes between the city of Guaso and several towns in the easternmost territory of the country.

Regarding national trains, they maintain their departures every four days, from the provincial capitals to Havana and vice versa, being managed by the National Routes Company.

Marcia Sierra Gómez, director of that department of the Railway Equipment Repair Company, reported that the general repair of the first of 16 high-size locomotives is underway at the San Luis Railway Workshops, with the collaboration of personnel French.


It is estimated that these repair works will gradually improve the situation of cargo and passenger transportation, marked by breakages and delays, given the operating time of the machines.

In mid-May it was already news that the railway route between Pinar del Río and Havana, a vital link for thousands of travelers, was back in operation after being out of service for almost four years.

The railway service does not escape the serious problems faced by transportation in Cuba.

From time to time, images go viral in which travelers are forced to push an old train. This happened a few weeks ago with a train that traveled between the municipality of Sagua la Grande and Santa Clara, in Villa Clara, in a scene that is not unprecedented in Cuba.