Sending money to Cuba through TocoPay

Envío de dinero a Cuba a través de TocoPay

HAVANA, Nov. 24th CIMEX’s Cuban financial company, known as Fincimex, has suspended the sending of money to Cuba through its AIS platform and has replaced it with another site: TocoPay. They ensure that sending money to the island from this website works “from anywhere in the world.”

Available for transfers in euros only at the beginning, the website already allows transactions in US dollars, as they have communicated in their institutional profile on Facebook.

As there are still sanctions on Fincimex from the United States, several readers have asked us about whether it will be possible to make shipments through TocoPay from this northern country.

The platform has responded to this and other frequent questions both on its website and on social networks. For this reason, from the Cuban Directory we make available to its readers the most important details to take into account to send remittances to Cuba through TocoPay.
Sending money to Cuba with TocoPay: answers to frequent questions

Can transfers be made to Cuba from the United States? According to the platform’s customer service, it is possible.

Regarding the available shipping methods, they explain on the site that if the sender wants to transfer money to Cuban bank cards, say BPA, Bandec or Banmet, he must select “Bank Deposit” as the type of shipment.

As we explained in previous work, it is also possible to recharge AIS USD, CUP and NO CASH cards. In the event that your beneficiary in Cuba does not have magnetic cards, TocoPay proposes the following:

“You can request the manufacture of an AIS card in any of its variants by making the first shipment. The new card will be delivered to the beneficiary in Cuba who must collect it personally at the Fincimex headquarters closest to their residence. “

Regarding the delivery times of these cards, after being requested, they indicate that “it is seven business days for Havana and 30 business days for the rest of the country.”

As for the deposits of remittances sent to Cuba, they assure that “we credit between 3 and 7 working days.”

Remember that using TocoPay it is only possible to send “up to 3000 USD or EUR in a calendar quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December)”.

The site has a basic rate where you can check the shipping commissions so that your beneficiary in Cuba receives 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 or 3000 US dollars.

In addition, it has a calculator where you can verify the amounts to send, the type of currency (euro or dollar), the type of shipment and the currency of the card in Cuba. By performing the calculation, you will know how much you will pay and the rate that has been applied to you.