Self-employment in Cuba grew ten percent in one year

Self-employment in Cuba grew ten percent in one yearHAVANA, Oct. 27th (Acn)  The number of self-employed workers has grown ten percent in Cuba, which shows its viability as a source of employment, production of goods and services and the level of acceptance among the Cuban population.

As reported in Thursday’s edition of the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, at the end of September, 579,415 people are now part of the non-state sector, 56,560 more than the corresponding period last year.

The upward trend has been sustained steadily since October 2010, when this employment option was expanded and relaxed with new regulations, according to statistical data from the ministry of labour and social security (MTSS)

The most represented activities are the preparation and sale of food, freight transportation, property rentals and telecommunications agencies, in that order.

Although the granting of licences was temporarily suspended in August as a result of measures taken to correct deficiencies and avoid illegalities, private work remains important and fully viable.

Marta Elena Feitó Cabrera, deputy minister of the MTSS, pointed out that the decisions taken do not constitute a setback in the development of the activity; but a step forward to consolidate the organization and control of self-employment.