Second Shipment of Namibian Animals for Havana Zoo

The second stage of a donation from Namibia will soon arrive to Cuba, in a shipment bringing 16 animals of three species, belonging to the so-called heavy ungulate of hoofed animals (mammals).
havana-live-elephantThis group is composed of pachyderms -10 rhinoceros, five black and five white, in addition to six elephants-, which will be exhibited at the National Zoo on December 11, as informed to ACN on Friday by graduate Armando J. Barrios, a specialist of the center’s Department of Public Relations. The arrival will force the Zoo to close due to works derived from it. The park’s activities will resume the following day, and the public will also be able to enjoy the exhibition of a white lion, donated to the Zoo by Belgrade, capital of Serbia.A puma and its litter will also be exhibited.
havana-live-rhinoThe first shipment of 131 animals of 20 species, also from Namibia, arrived in Havana in 2012, made up by 63 ungulates, 48 carnivores, 16 birds and four rodents. The group is composed of roan and heart-skinned antelopes, impalas, grand kudus, elands, gemsboks, springboks and African buffalos. Also, hyenas, lions, honey badgers, leopards, black back jackals, cheetahs, lynxes caracal, brownish-gray hyenas and bat-ear foxes.Ostriches, African vultures and porcupines complete the donation.
All in all, Cuba has received from that African nation 147 animals of 23 species.