Second Salsa Festival to Dance in Cuba

HAVANA, Feb 3 (PL) The Salsa Festival will arrive for the second time in Havana from February 21 to 26, a space to visualize the dances and rhythms that have gained more followers in recent years around the world.

The idea is to promote Cuban popular dance music, promoting the salsaproduced here, as well as dancing and other artistic manifestations, stated the main organizer of the event, the singer and composer Maykel Blanco.

We want all the people to have the opportunity to enjoy a festival that matches the quality of the others held in the world. We want it to be an event with quality and very affordable prices stated the producer.

It will also count with the participation of several well-known musicians in the field of salsa, Cubans and foreigners from Argentina and the United States, Blanco said.

It is a festival especially dedicated to the foreign audience. On the 21st and 22nd, there will be various shows at Comodoro hotel in Havana, where also dance and popular dance music workshops will also be held.

Several of the most popular groups of the Cuban scene will perform from the 23rd in the Metropolitan Park of Havana: Van Van, Maykel Blanco and his Salsa Mayor, Paulo FG y su Elite, Adalberto Álvarez y su Son, Anacaona, Pupy y los que Son Son, Alexander Abreu y Habana D’Primera, NG La Banda, and Tania Pantoja, among others.