Sancti Spiritus railway crash kills 6, leaves 49 wounded

HAVANA,Feb. 25th At least six people have lost their lives and 49 others have been wounded when a passenger train had hit a locomotive that had been carrying sugarcane in the region of central Cuba.

As reported by the local media,the trains had collided between Sancti Spiritus and the town of Tuinucu that is located in the eastern part of the capital of Havana.

Julio Miguel Vera who was a passenger on the rail car had said that the impact of the incident forced her to fly through the door and it was after that, when she saw how the locomotive had been dragged about several metres to the car.

Government officials are currently investigating the causes of the railway crash but they also noted that the passenger train crew members did not do justice to the appropriate mode of conduct in terms of movement and it was also reported in a television news report.

About a week ago, about 49 people had been injured when a bus had overturned on central Cuba.

All the victims were residents of Sancti Spiritus that is located at a distance of nearly 360 kms from this area. Interior ministry officials said that an investigation has been ordered.