Russian Interior Minister meets with Díaz-Canel during a visit to Havana

Russian Interior Minister meets with Díaz-Canel during a visit to Havana

HAVANA, Nov 22. The Russian Interior Minister, Vladimir Kolokóltsev, met on Wednesday in Havana with the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel,two months after the Latin American country announced that Cubans were recruited by traffickers to participate in the war against Ukraine.

“The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Díaz-Canel, received the Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, at the Palace of the Revolution,” the Cuban presidency reported on its online account. social X, formerly Twitter.

The visit of the Russian minister to Cuba since Monday joins a series of meetings this year of business and diplomatic delegations in the two countries that seek to strengthen their “strategic relationship.”

In September, the Cuban government reported on a criminal network that was recruiting people on the island to go as mercenaries to the war in Ukraine alongside the Russian army and warned that it would apply “the force of law” against those who participated in a foreign army for consider that they incur the crime of “mercenarism.”

Days later he announced the arrest of 17 people involved, three of whom were the recruiters and another 14 Cubans who were supposedly planning to leave for that country to enlist in the Russian army.

Until now the judicial authorities have not reported on the process of these people in court.

The governments of the two nations have had a strong rapprochement since November 2022, when Díaz-Canel, whose country faces the worst economic crisis in thirty years, met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kolokóltsev also held a private meeting with Raúl Castro, a 92-year-old retired revolutionary leader, state news reported.

In May, representatives of fifty Russian companies were in Cuba to explore business opportunities.