Russian foreign minister in Cuba to discuss Venezuela

Russian foreign minister in Cuba to discuss Venezuela

HAVANA, July 23rd Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is in Cuba today for talks with his counterpart that are expected…

to focus on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. Both countries are key supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government. Russia sees the South American nation as a bulwark against US influence in Latin America while Cuba’s communist government sympathizes with Mr. Maduro’s leftist ideology.

Moscow has sold more than $4 billion in arms sales to Venezuela since 2005. Havana, in exchange, has sent a number of prominent doctors, engineers, teachers and other professionals to study and work in Russia.

Mr. Lavrov’s visit comes shortly after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Argentina during which he openly denounced ties between Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela as “undesired.”

With both Russia and Cuba intent on continuing to prop up the Maduro regime, talks between the foreign ministers will focus on finding ways to further foster cooperative agreements. This could include additional military equipment exchange contracts and military adviser exchange programs.