Russian Deputy Minister Dies on Flight Return from Cuba

Russian Deputy Minister Dies on Flight Return from Cuba

HAVANA, May 22nd.  A sudden death, which to family members and the first official reconstructions led back to a pathological heart condition from which he suffered.

The Deputy Minister of Education of Russia, Pyotr Kucherenko46, felt ill on the plane in which the Russian delegation was returning from a business trip to Cuba: the plane of the official, who held the position of deputy since March 2020, urgently landed in Mineralnye Vodyin the south of Russia.

There the doctors on board attempted to revive him, but there was nothing they could do. An autopsy will be performed on May 24.

The site Moscow Times Like dozens of other newspapers in the world, remember that Roman Super an award-winning independent journalist and documentary filmmaker, had spoken to A cook just before leaving Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, without however providing further temporal details.

However, it is certain that the reporter left the country for security reasons six months after the start of the war. The deputy minister, for his part, had spoken of his own opposition compared to the invasion of Ukraine and the impossibility for him to leave the Village.

“It’s impossible [per me lasciare la Russia]ci confiscano i passports. And there is no world that would be happy to see a Russian deputy minister after this fascist invasion,” he declared to the reporter, adding – as reported by Super – to have taken “antidepressants e tranquilizers handfuls at the same time.”

“It really doesn’t help. I don’t sleep much. I feel very bad. We are all kept hostage. No one can make one peek“, he then added. “You cannot imagine the degree of the brutalization of our country. In a year you won’t even recognize her Russia“.