Russia will restore the dome of the Capitol of Havana

 National Capitol of Havana, Russian President's Management DirectorateHAVANA, 15 May Russian state federal company Goszagransobstvennost from the Russian President’s Management Directorate has won a project contest for the restoration of the gold cap of the dome of the National Capitol of Havana.

The project should meet a budget limit for the contract of 20 million rubles (about $ 354,000), says the call.

In May last year, Russian Senate President Valentina Matviénko commented that Russian specialists will offer their help to the restoration of the Havana Capitol, where the National Assembly of the People’s Power of Cuba will reside.
According to the Russian senator, the help was requested by the Cuban parliamentarians and the draft intergovernmental agreement is in the process of preparation.

Last year the Directorate of Management of the Russian president commissioned the services of measurement and studies of the summit for 2.4 million rubles (around 42,500 dollars) to define the technical state of its structure.

This new competition refers to the restoration projects of the golden roof of the dome.
The designer who won the competition must present by the end of August solutions to strengthen the structure of the dome and its lining with natural stone (sandstone), the coating with new bronze plates and its coating with sheets of gold leaf.

The works will be financed by the federal budget of Russia and the winner of the contest will be made public in early June.