Russia readies to deploy missiles in Cuba and Venezuela

Russia readies to deploy missiles in Cuba and Venezuela

HAVANA, Jan. 11th After NATO refused to negotiate future expansion plans with Russia, it became known that Moscow could conduct active negotiations on the deployment of missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.

The information about such plans appeared several weeks ago. There is no official confirmation to such reports, but it transpired that the aeroplane of Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB) paid a number of visits to Venezuela and Cuba over the past two days.

According to publicly available air flight monitoring services, a Russian Tu-154M aircraft that most likely belongs to the FSB of Russia, was seen in Venezuela’s and Cuba’s airspace on January 9 and 10, website reports.

It remains unknown who might be staying onboard the aircraft and for which purpose the airplane visited the two countries. It is not ruled out that the Russian side could conduct negotiations with Cuba and Venezuela about an opportunity to build Russian military bases and facilities in the two countries.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that it is other departments that should be engaged in dealing with such issues.

Earlier, Russian officials said that Moscow could give a very harsh response to the USA and NATO, should the latter simply disregard Russia’s concerns and requirements. One may assume that the deployment of Russian missile weapons in the USA’s backyard may force Washington to listen to what Moscow says.  Source