Russia donates trucks to the Cuban Fire Department to protect refineries and airports

Russia donates trucks to the Cuban Fire Department to protect refineries and airports

HAVANA, December 18. A shipment of URAL NEXT brand fire trucks arrived in Havana through a donation from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation,through the International Civil Protection Organization, which the Government of Cuba has been a member of since 2014.

According to a note published by the Cuban Ministry of the Interior on its official website, these firefighting vehicles “have excellent tactical-technical characteristics for the protection of refineries, airports and other facilities, as they have water and foam tanks.” .

The cisterns have a capacity for ten tons of water and have a high pumping capacity. The text adds that one of the main characteristics of these trucks is that they have greater corrosion resistance.

The new cars will be used by the Fire Department, although they will first have to go through a preparation period led by a team of Russian specialists at the Mártires de la Calle Patria Specialized Teaching Institution.

Last May, the Russian Emergencies Ministry said it would help Cuba by donating a group of modern firefighting equipment for airports, thereby renewing the Russian-Cuban training center for firefighters and rescuers in Havana.

The Russian-Cuban center will celebrate a decade of creation in 2024 and now aims to increase its response capacity for emergencies, according to the Minister of Emergencies, Alexandr Kurenkov, about the project that has trained experts from 17 countries in these nine years. of Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The Russian Government has made a positive decision on the issue of helping the Cuban side to equip the Russian-Cuban Regional Center for the Training of Specialists in the fire and rescue profile,” said an official from Vladimir Putin’s Government at the time.

These technical teams that belong to the said center were used to confront the large fire that occurred at the Supertanker Base in the city of Matanzas in August 2022.

In this fire, given the poor response capacity of the Cuban forces, specialists from Mexico and Venezuela had to intervene, while the US provided technical advice and later donated firefighting suits and other resources. In the incident, 17 people lost their lives, mainly firefighters, some of them young recruits who were completing their Military Service in that force.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has rescued Havana with the delivery of more than 22,000 tons of food, medicine and medical devices in the last five years.