Robotic Surgery Experts Thank for Visiting Cuba

HAVANA, Feb 4 (PL) World-renowned specialists in robot-assisted surgery thanked today the chance of visiting Cuba to share experiences in this field.

Visiting Cuba is a once-in-a-lifetime event, more so when it comes to those peoplewho hail from the United States. Such an opportunity has been possible through the normalization process carried out by both countries, Vipul Patel stated, Robot-Assisted Surgery Director from Global Robotics Institute, based in Florida.

Vipul Patel, considered as one of two-best surgeons worldwide, explained that upon receiving the invitation from the Cuban Endoscopic Surgery Society, he made up his mind to travel Havana to attend the Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Meeting.

Cuba does not have at this point any experience on robotic surgery, but we want Cuban professionals to be further aware of these new technologies in order to generate an exchange both in Cuba and in the United States, Vipul Patel stated.

The surgeon stressed that this event is aimed at spreading some information and causing an interaction enabling Cuba to go into the robot-assited surgery, which will be providing Cuba with positive outcomes.