Resume domestic flights Havana – Manzanillo

 Resume domestic flights Havana - Manzanillo HAVANA, July 13 Aircraft of Cuban company Aéreogaviota will resuming flights from Havana, July 18, to Manzanillo, the coastal city, located in the east of the island.

Jorge Luis Cansino Roget, director of the Sierra Maestra international airport, in this coastal city of Granma, confirmed to local television that the operations in that facility are scheduled for the ten o’clock hours.

Depending on the model used, the ATR planes have a capacity between 42 and 72 passengers and their propulsion by turbohelices will allow you to cover the route Havana – Manzanillo – Havana in one hour and 45 minutes, on average.

Cansino Roget, director of the Sierra Maestra, said that in the center are created all the technical, material and resource conditions to ensure an effective development of the flights and the attention to passengers in the different areas of the air terminal.

For more information, interested parties may contact the Manzanillo specialists of aviation by telephone 23 57 75 20 and 23 57 74 30.

Aéreogaviota is a Cuban state-owned company that makes more than 21 daily flights of local, regional, charter, private and cargo, with benefits of tourism services, the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), and research teams, among others.

Jorge Luis Cansino Roget, director of the Sierra Maestra airport, in the Gulf of Guacanayabo city, finally stated that the operation of international ships shows a slight increase in visitors from Canada in the past few days, just over three weeks before the greater operability in Cuban air terminals.