In 2010, sitting facing the Mediterranean in a small village on the Costa Brava Catalonia, spoke from a few friends about the possibility of doing something different, something that we felt from the heart and could share it with you. After spending a few days with the head spinning and “revived” from friends, Amy and I, Alvaro, we decided that if we wanted to move forward and get an idea that this was different, could not be where we were in that time. It is there, where one of the most important people in our lives appeared to “give light”. Noe, glad for the opportunity to have us back home, happily offered us a place to locate in Havana. A privileged place in one of the key municipalities of the city, and there we were!

We study the market for months, new openings, the evolution of gastronomy and relentless implementation business that opened its doors with renewed courage and joy that infected us immediately. We soon get going and us, a multitude of family and friends who through their efforts, talent and support have not left us even take a step back to catch impulso.Es why we can not forget the family, angel, Mariasun, Tala, Diego, Javi, Rosa, Nieves, Eulalio, let alone friends who have managed to advance all our ideas into reality: Sergi Ferrer, Sergio Guzman, Felix Noguera (cooks), Freedom (interior), Mirelis, Tomi (graphic designers), Santiago Lara (accounting advisor), Robertico, Francisco Rebollo, etc.A all those who have contributed in one way or another in any part of the process, THANKS. Yes you are of Otramanera.