The Restaurant – La Moraleja will be a place, you want to be

Enjoy the most exquisite international and Cuban food , with the elegant and unique style in presentation and elaboration of the plates, accompanied with an excellent selection of wines, rums, whiskeys and gins. One of their most singular plates is the fish plate Moraleja, composed by more than ten types of products of the sea. Without doubt the most spectacular in the country. The place is divided in two different Parts.

For formal come together there is an outdoor terrace with spectacular vegetation and a system of watermist creating a magic and cosy environment. For more informal and romantic meetings, you can enjoy an air conditioned lounge framed by big glass windows in a warm candlelight atmosphere overlooking the cosy and attractive terrace.

To satisfy the most demanding tastes, the wine cellar, with a very modern and mystical design, contains an impressive variety of more than 150 types of wines with more than 3000 bottles, coming from the most important wine regions of the world.

If you visiting Havana, for any type of social event, or simply to pass an agreeable evening, enjoying a service of luxury, without doubt.

La Moraleja

Calle 25 No.454 between J&I
Ouvert: 12:00 a 24:00
Tel:(53)7 832 0963 Cel:527 0729
Propriétaire Olga Lidia & Joerge Luis