Rescue a couple of stolen dogs in Havana with a police operation

Rescue a couple of stolen dogs in Havana with a police operation

HAVANA. Dec. 8th. Rocco and Dorita, a pair of Bulldog dogs that had been stolen from the porch of a home in the Playa municipality, in Havana, were recovered this Thursday morning by their owners, who had even offered a reward of one thousand dollars for the couple of pets

A publication on social networks by Animal Welfare Cuba (BAC) detailed that the dogs’ guardians received calls from strangers, who claimed to have Rocco and Dorita.

These people claimed to have found the dogs on the street, at the intersection of 100th and 51st streets and asked for a sum of $500 to be handed over to them, half of the financial reward that the family had offered through social networks. The owners of the pair of dogs went to the agreed place to return the animals in exchange for the delivery of money, but they did so accompanied by two agents from the Rescue and Rescue Unit.

Rescue a couple of stolen dogs in Havana with a police operation

“Upon arriving at the indicated place, it seemed that the men were prepared for an ambush, but the police acted immediately,” detailed the Animal Welfare publication, which noted that thanks to the police intervention the owners of the animals did not have to pay a ransom. some.

“Currently, the criminals are being prosecuted, after it was discovered that one of them stole the dogs and the others were complicit in the act,” said the BAC, which extended a message of gratitude to those who echoed the publication that asked for help. to get the puppies back.

“Special thanks to all the people who cared, to those who shared, to the media, and to every sensitive heart. Today this beautiful family is complete again with their furry friends. A story with a happy ending,” the text concluded.

The Cuban model and makeup artist who had offered a $1,000 reward for the return of her two dogs, which had been stolen last Sunday afternoon in Havana, thanked through a publication on Instagram for the support and help received for the rescue of your animals.

In the current context of the economic crisis that Cuba is experiencing, the kidnapping of domestic animals has become a new form of crime. In recent months there have been several reports that show an increase in pet theft.

This same week, comedian Limay Blanco said that he is offering $300 for the dog of some very close friends who reside in the Cotorro municipality.

“Whoever calls me at 52 73 26 24 with the dog, I’m going to give him 300 dollars. I need the dog to return to that house again, those two children are raging, crying because of the dog,” stressed the comedian, he clarified that he would not ask the person if the animal was stolen, he is only interested in returning it.

Last November, Cuban Marcos Alonso also said he was desperate after suffering the theft of his dog in Havana and left a moving message on social networks to recover his faithful four-legged friend.