Renowned Cuban designer Jacqueline Fumero dies in Havana

Renowned Cuban designer Jacqueline Fumero dies in Havana

HAVANA, May 19th   The Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists (ACAA) officially confirmed the sad news this Wednesday, although the causes of the death of the successful creative woman have not been made public.

Fumero was born in Havana in 1966. He studied medicine by family tradition, but finally opted for fashion design. She began to develop in a self-taught way with the support of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets. The first collection from her came out in 2003 and was dedicated to swimsuits.

In her professional career, she made important collections of fashion designs focused on Cuban and Caribbean women. More than a dressmaker or an artist, she considered herself a creator. “People and life inspire me,” she confessed a few years ago.

The Cuban woman stood out in the world of design and art for her creativity, her talent and her ability as a businesswoman. She was the owner of Café del Ángel, a unique restaurant in Old Havana. She was an entrepreneur in a country where success is not always well rewarded.

“Being an entrepreneur in Cuba is a challenge. It means letting go of your ties and starting down a path believing in yourself first, in your proposal and in the chain of actions and reactions that can happen.

There are real contexts and situations, ranging from the economic, geographical, social, and others of a subjective nature that make your enterprise reach a certain public or not and whether it works or not. The vision and work team you have are very important,” he said in an interview.

Many people have left condolences on social networks to family and friends of the prominent deceased dressmaker.

“Sad end to Wednesday with the passing of dear friend and fashion designer Jacqueline Fumero. An empowered woman who turned her designs into contemporary Cuban art.

Her Cafe in Plaza del Ángel marked an emblematic site of Havana,” user Julio Gonpagés said on Facebook.

The catwalks of the important event of Cuban designer’s art and fashion which usually takes place at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana were for Fumero one of the main platforms of success.

This space offered the seamstress the chance to show off her art in an environment where visual communicators, designers, photographers, fashion specialists and plastic artists of national and international prestige come together.

She also appeared in important international events such as Fashion Week in Rome, in Lion, among others.