Recycling in Cuba, a million-dollar company according to the government

Recycling in Cuba, a million-dollar company according to the government

HAVANA, Oct. 19  Cuban authorities offered data on recycling activity on the island, which has shown a positive increase due to a “new strategy applied by this sector.”During a broadcast of the Mesa Redonda television program, the president of the Recycling Business Group, Jorge Luis Tamayo Díaz, assured that this activity was reduced due to the impact of the pandemic and the international economic situation since “almost 70% of the material recovered as “raw material came from the collection of recyclable waste generated by large state industries and service activities.”

This is why the government’s strategy is currently aimed at redirecting the sector’s efforts to bring this activity closer to the population.

Tamayo indicated that thanks to this strategy, 5 billion pesos of total sales were recorded until the month of September, which represents 100% compliance with the plan.

Later, the manager referred to the export of 29 million dollars, a figure that shows 115% of what was planned.

He also stated about the recovery, processing and marketing of more than 74,000 tons of recyclable materials, 50% of which comes from the population outreach strategy.

On the other hand, it was learned that waste is purchased from the population through Fixed Recycling Points, which have collected a total of 16,400 tons.

Added to this are the Mobile Recycling Points in neighborhoods and communities where 16,000 tons are recovered; the CDR and the FMC, which contribute 1,500 tons; and the student organizations (OPJM, FEEM and FEU) where 760 tons are recovered for a growth of 8% compared to last year, Tamayo continued arguing.

Also influencing this presumed growth are the Communal Services entities where 1,900 tons are collected; “while 437 tons are rescued from the coasts, beaches and parks, in the so-called Ecoevents, an experience that began to be exploited in the summer of 2022, and that has grown more than eight times in the current year,” added the president of the Group Recycling Business.

Finally, it meant that more than 300 requests for the purchase of recyclable materials at home have been attended to, which were received through the Reciklando online application.

The statistics offered by the manager contrast with the images and complaints from Cubans about the large accumulation of waste in many areas of the country.

According to what some residents of the capital have stated, mainly, the collection of garbage and recyclable materials is not effective, which causes the sites established to deposit them to be in a deplorable state.