Products from children’s lunches are stolen in a primary school in Havana

Products from children's lunches are stolen in a primary school in Havana

HAVANA, Oct. 9th. Rice and eggs intended for lunch for children at the República de Costa Rica primary school, located in the Havana neighborhood of Luyanó, were stolen from the center last weekend, according to the non-state media 14ymedio.

After the event, the primary administrator will have to pay the cost of these products estimated by the police, which would rise to thousands of Cuban pesos (CUP).

According to what an employee of the center told the aforementioned media, who preferred not to give her name, the incident was reported on Monday morning when she noticed the theft of six bags of rice and an undetermined amount of egg cartons.

The source added that the police showed up at the scene immediately and, “after inspecting, they observed that the window through which – according to the explanations of the school officials – the bags had come out, was too small.”

“They believed that this could have been a self-theft and immediately took the director to interrogate her,” said the anonymous employee.

She later explained that “as neither the sacks nor the eggs appeared anywhere, they applied the law of material liability and imposed the fine on the warehouse manager.”

Although this source apparently did not know the value of the egg cartons, he did state that in the case of rice the amount amounted to 24,000 CUP.

On the other hand, a “disciplinary measure” was also imposed on the school custodian, 79 years old. The man will have to pay 500 CUP and will be removed from his position.

“Imagine you, an old man. He would be sleeping like a child and didn’t find out anything,” the worker told 14ymedio.

Finally, the media confirmed that the school is currently operating completely normally, “except for the fact that the children will not have rice or eggs for lunch at the moment. “Both foods are among those that have increased in price the most in recent months.”