Probable sending of Cuban doctors to Brittany in France

Probable sending of Cuban doctors to an area of France

HAVANA, February 21. French authorities are arranging to send Cuban doctors to Guingamp, a town in the Brittany region where doctors are in short supply.According to Europa 1, politicians, unions and managers of the local public hospital met on Friday with Otto Vaillant, Cuban ambassador to France, to ask Cuban doctors to save their maternity ward, which has been threatened with closure for years.

“We are short of personnel in practically all specialties,” admitted Pierre Saliou, president of the institution’s supervisory board, who specified that there is a lack of surgeons, cardiologists and pulmonologists.

Several departments of the Guingamp hospital have been on the verge of closing their doors for years due to a lack of doctors and nursing staff. The most affected is the maternity ward, which suspended deliveries since April 2023. The cardiology department is also on standby.


Gaël Roblin, a member of the city’s municipal council, wrote to the Cuban embassy on Twitter that same month to request a medical brigade for the hospital. Just two hours later he had an answer.

“We cooperate all over the world. During the crisis we sent a brigade to Martinique,” noted Vaillant, surely delighted with the order. of the Côtes-d’Armor department of the Côtes-d’Armor department

Since then, negotiations have continued. “The idea has been gaining ground in the small city of 7,000 inhabitants, until it has become a credible alternative in the eyes of hospital unions and local elected officials,” reports the El Fígaro portal.

According to ACTU, if the sending of Cuban doctors is completed, they could apply for positions starting March 1.

Unlike what happens in countries like Mexico, the arrival of aid workers does not seem to bother local specialists. “We already work with Syrian doctors and quite a few African doctors. We have a dozen nationalities in our hospital, so why not have Cuban doctors tomorrow?” Arnaud Meunier, nurse anesthetist, told Europe 1.