Private bar in Havana offers free New Year’s Eve dinner to 180 people in need

Private bar in Havana offers free New Year's Eve dinner to 180 people in need

HAVANA, Jan 2. The gesture of solidarity between the owner of a private bar in Guanabo, in Eastern Havana, and his workers, has gone viral on social networksafter offering a free dinner to 180 low-income people on December 31.

It was an experience that they will not forget, the owner of the establishment, Hugo Puig González, said on Facebook.

“Yesterday, December 31, 180 very low-income old people and children, and the staff of Bar K5 had a New Year’s Eve dinner that we will not forget, the first ones enjoying the food, we enjoyed even more serving it and giving them a moment of happiness,” he confessed in a post along with images of diners enjoying the food.

The post on Facebook has been shared more than 2,500 times and has received around 3,000 comments from people praising the humanitarian gesture.

“Many congratulations and blessings to all the people who made this possible. In these difficult times that deserves Glory. I wish these actions were done more often. Many congratulations to everyone who gives without expecting anything in return,” he commented Lesly Carmenates.

Puig González explained that the objective of the initiative was for these people to be able to enjoy the complete experience of a New Year’s Eve dinner, “sit at a table, and eat a good meal on a plate, with music and in the company”, something which at first was difficult, due to the fear of the guests that the food would run out before their turn.

“I assured them that there was enough for everyone, that they should not worry. And when the dishes began to come out (congrí, roast pork, cassava with onions, salad with dressing, a fine sweet and a can of tukola, served on a restaurant plate, with metal cutlery and a napkin, they began to understand that we wanted to make them feel special,” said the bar owner.

The reward for those who prepared and served the dinner was seeing the satisfaction on the faces of those entertained. “I began to see the first smiles, faces relaxed and they began to enjoy themselves.

It is difficult to explain what it feels like when you see these old people and children enjoying a good dinner like they rarely can. But I will tell you this: today there is no Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos richer than me in the world.”

The initiative stood out, particularly at an end of the year marked by the economic crisis, in which many Cubans were unable to bring the traditional roast pork for New Year’s Eve dinner to the table due to food shortages and the excessive price of this and other products.

Low-income families, who do not have the help provided by remittances, or the sending of necessities by residents abroad, have suffered the impact of inflation the hardest. Meanwhile, the government announced economic measures that, in the opinion of experts and activists, will especially affect the most vulnerable population.

The owner of K5 thanked each of his employees, friends, and family, for helping make this December 31 dinner a reality for several families in his community who, if it had not been for the initiative, would not have been able to enjoy the event. end of year celebration.

“The work they did, they did for free and out of love for their neighbor. They were the ones who made that delicious dinner possible. Thank you very much!” said Puig González.