President of Cuba debuts on Twitter and marks new style

Presidente de Cuba se estrena en Twitter y marca nuevo estilo

HAVANA, Oct. 10 (AFP) The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, debuted on Wednesday on Twitter with a message of continuity, but confirming a change in style with respect to his predecessors Fidel and Raúl Castro.

“We are in La Demajagua, the place where with the greatest amount of patriotic feelings #SomosCuba and #SomosContinuidad”, wrote in his first tweet Díaz-Canel, 58 years old and who assumed power on April 19, as successor of the brothers Castro.

Neither Fidel, before his death in 2016, nor Raúl, official accounts were opened on Twitter.

For his debut on this social network, the Cuban leader chose the day when Cubans commemorate the 150th anniversary of the “Grito de Yara”, which recalls the beginning of the war of independence against Spanish colonialism in 1868, on the farm ” The Demajagua “(southeast).

In the same social network, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba welcomed “the official Twitter account of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers (…), on the 150th anniversary of the struggles for our independence” .

In his biography on Twitter, the Cuban head of state said he was “committed to Marti ideas (of the national hero José Martí) of Fidel and Raúl”.

Under his government, which considers the computerization of Cuban society a priority, presidential communication has taken on new life in the country.

According to observers, this strategy seeks to bring whoever was number two of the Cuban government to a population that still knows little about it, and in which it does not enjoy the legitimacy that its powerful predecessors had.

On the other hand, Cuba began on Tuesday the issue of a postal stamp with the image of Fidel Castro, just over a month after two years of his death.