Presented in Havana new musical project “The Cuban Golden Club”

 Presented in Havana new musical project "The Cuban Golden Club"HAVANA, Feb. 13 (ACN) Something similar to what was the “Fania All-Stars” or the “Buena Vista Social Club” for two generations of musicians, is what is intended to achieve “The Cuban Golden Club”, a musical project that aims to invigorate the rhythm of the are at a global level and that was presented today, with the announcement that they will soon call at Puerto Rico.

The Cuban Golden Club, which on Monday made its official presentation in Havana with the release of the song and video clip “Pregones Dorados”, aims to defend the Cuban cultural roots through the sound, rhythm native Cuban that is the basis of important tropical movements, such as salsa.

The project was born a year ago, when the young composer of Santiago de Cuba, Carlos Sanabia, visualized the possibility of grouping great contemporary voices of the Cuban son to revitalize a genre that identifies one of the most musical countries of the Caribbean.

“I chose this cast because of its quality and its trajectory, because I thought it was the most significant soneros at this moment, and those who could best defend the proposal I had in mind,” Sanabia told El Nuevo Día, moments before present the new musical project to the Cuban and foreign press.

“This is the precise moment to promote an idea like this, because it is not a secret for anyone who right now in Cuba is not as popular as it was 20 or 30 years ago. And it is a duty of us, as Cubans and musicians, as artists that we are, to rescue this genre that is part of our heritage “, added Sanabia, convinced of the great importance of this artistic adventure.

The leader of the project did not rule out that in the future he could count on the talent of other musicians, because “these are not the only ones who defend with dignity the son in Cuba and we will be open to any collaboration in that sense”.

In addition, Sanabia recognized the influence of previous projects that made him think about this idea, since “undoubtedly I have felt a great admiration for previous experiences that brought together great world-class musicians such as the Fania All Star or the most recent Buena Vista Social Club, the one that has had the greatest impact worldwide “.

Along with him, great figures of the Cuban music scene were present, among them the legendary Tiburón Morales, the former singers of the emblematic Los Van Van orchestra, Predito Calvo and Mayito Rivera, as well as Haila María Mompié, the only female voice included. now in this call.

“For me it is a privilege, but also a great responsibility, to be part of this project, where almost all are men. I am very excited and proud. I was born in the eastern part of Cuba and the son is part of my life, I carry it in my blood, and I could say that within it I find my comfort zone, “said Haila María Mompié.

“That is why I am so grateful for this invitation and I am sure that we will move the whole world, because this project has a great future. The dancers like everything that has to do with Cuban music, and especially with authentic Cuban music. That is what we will be defending: the son, which is what we have grown up with, what we have walked with, and what we all feel identified with, “the fiery singer added.

In addition to the song released yesterday, which also serves as the title of the group’s album -and in which the eight singers of the project meet for the first time-, it contains 11 other songs, all unpublished, among which also stand out “Rivera azul “,” La boda del son “and” La rumba yl Luna “, among others.

“We are very satisfied with the work of everyone, especially the maestro and pianist David Alfaro, who has been in charge of musical direction. The idea is to present the album next March 31, when the 49th anniversary of the EGREM (Musical Record Company) is celebrated. Then, in addition to a tour of several countries, we plan for the international launch in Colombia in June, although the dates are still to be confirmed, “Sanabia announced.

One of the destinations that could have “The Club of the Golden Soneros” is Puerto Rico, since they had programmed there a presentation that had to be canceled by the passage of Hurricane Maria, as explained by the group director.

In that sense, Puerto Rican Papo Coss, international promoter of this project, told El Nuevo Día that “I am dedicated one hundred percent to its international projection. Already with this launch we are already talking about a tour of Latin America, which in addition to Colombia will include countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Panama, some places in Central America, and unquestionably also to Puerto Rico. “

The promoter had no qualms to predict a great future for this initiative. “Like there was an era of the Fania All Star and also one of the Good V.