Policeman returns $8,000 to owners at Havana airport

Cuban policeman returns $8,000 to owners at Havana airport

HAVANA, May 16th  A Cuban police officer returned the briefcase containing $8,000 to its owners at Jose Marti airport.

Last Thursday, a policeman found a black suitcase, $8,000, personal clothing and miscellaneous items.

A police officer was making his routine rounds in the CADECA areas of the aerodrome when he saw the items being taken to the police station, said Ricardo Rodríguez, a witness to the events.

According to the person, the luggage and money belonged to a Cuban man and his wife who traveled to the island from Cuba for family and vacations for work.

“According to another person who did not wish to reveal their identity, the victims were eternally grateful because they never imagined that they would be able to recover their lost money and belongings,” said the official profile, promoting this fact as a major achievement. does not form part of the officers’ performance of duty.

In February, a customs office was revealed at Jose Marti International Airport, he returned the lost money to the traveler.

The post indicated that by 2023 more than 60 items — belongings, money and others — have already been returned to Cubans and foreigners who lose their luggage at the airport.

The company revealed on Facebook that the passenger had recovered the $180, 35 euros and 2,000 cups he had carried in the mask due to continued public criticism of the airport’s customs irregularities.

Customs said the woman thanked the officer for her “great kindness” and congratulated the workers.