Police seize 1.7 tons of coffee found in a vehicle in the ‘private sector’

Police seize 1.7 tons of coffee found in a vehicle in the 'private sector'

HAVANA, Jan. 11th. The Santiago de Cuba Police seized more than 1,700 kilograms (1.7 tons) of coffee in the Segundo Frente municipality, found in a private vehicle, according to an official account associated with the Ministry of the Interior (MININT).

The bags of coffee “were being transported, without documentation, on a tractor without a license plate, belonging to the private sector,” said the post on the page, which identifies itself with the name Héroes del Moncada on the social network Facebook.

“The product was delivered to the Soledad pulper belonging to the Sierra Cristal Agroforestry Company of the territory,” the publication noted.


From May to October, in Cuba’s rationed market, roasted peas with coffee from the family basket were not sold for the booklet. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) establishes that coffee is not coffee if it has more than 5% mixture with other beans. In Cuba, it is mixed with 50% peas.

Amid the great shortage of this product on the Island, even in Guantánamo, a grain-producing province, it is very difficult to find it, while the Government continues to export.

The consumption of this drink has become a luxury for Cubans. Even the tiny amount they receive through rationed distribution is in danger, as the disappearance of the ration book seems increasingly imminent.