“A pilot in Cuba should not earn only 40 dollars”

"A pilot in Cuba should not earn only 40 dollars"HAVANA, Dec. 3 (Cibercuba) The massive exodus of qualified workforce, as well as the lack of specialists, technicians and operators, directly and negatively impacts the quality of Cuba’s transport and airport sector, the national press reported Thursday.

According to the state-run Juventud Rebelde, the alert was made within the framework of the First Conference of the National Union of Transport and Port Workers. There, problems that significantly affect the sector were addressed, such as the aging of the personnel in some professions, whose relief is not assured.

During the event, Leonardo Naranjo Oyarzábal, stevedor of the port of Santiago de Cuba, warned that retirement at age 65, with the same intensity and rigor that is currently required to unload ships (2,500 tons daily), puts in danger productivity per worker, and therefore the payment that the country must make for the stay of the ships will be very large.

In this sense, the director proposed to review with the competent agencies the correlation between social security expenses, if the retirement age of port stevedores is advanced.

He also requested to evaluate the disbursements that will have to be made for breaches of ship discharge regulations, due to low yields “if you continue working with men who are old and affected by different occupational diseases.”

For his part, the IL-96 flight engineer, Pedro Orestes Rodríguez Cabrera, referred to the concept of “flight safety” during the conference, and demanded that the welfare of those who guarantee flights be taken into consideration: salary, food and rest, among other aspects.

The engineer asked that the salaries of the workers of the Cubana de Aviación company be reviewed, “because a pilot who has the responsibility of looking after so many lives and driving ships that cost between 70 and 80 million dollars, should not win only 1,000 weights “monthly (around 40 dollars).

During the formulation of the conclusions, it was estimated in the meeting that the salary of the workers that is distributed “without production compensation and without a quality service erodes economically and ideologically, but the good worker has the right to I give him back for what he does, “the report concluded.