Peruvian Navy vessel “Union” arrived in Havana

624x468HAVANA, Sept. 14th Peruvian Navy vessel the “Union,” the largest training sail ship in Latin America, arrived yesterday to the port of La Havana, where it will remain on an official two-day visit as part of its training voyages.

The 115.75 meter ship, with a little more than a month and a half of service fired 21 shots upon entering Havana’s bay, a greeting that was answered with the same number of shots from the old Fort, Fortaleza San Carlos de La Cabaña.

As reported by the military authorities of the island, the marine training exercise will include a courtesy visit with the head of the Revolutionary Navy of the island and tours of historic and cultural points of interest around the city.

All day Wednesday the public will be allowed to visit the ship, which has a deck of 99 meters in length and sail area of about 3,400 square meters.

The “Union” set sail on July 27 from Lima’s port, El Callao, on its maiden voyage.

The ship was christened “Union” in honor of the navy vessel of the same name who participated in the first stage of the Pacific War, whose main mast still adorns the entrance to Peru’s Naval School.