Pawa Dominicana Announces Flights to Havana

havana-live-pawaHAVANA, Oct 24 (PL)  Pawa Dominicana (Pan Am World Airways Dominicana) announced today that it will begin soon direct flights to Havana, Cuba, and to the island of Antigua, with a stopover in Saint Marteen.

The aviation company has made own efforts with Cuban and Antigua authorities, and hopes to start those operations in the coming 45 days, the corporate director, Alexander Barrios, said.

The new Dominican airline began operations almost more than two months ago with a fleet of four DC9 and MD aircrafts, and has achieved an arrival rate of 95.8 percent, he said.

Since August 14, 2015, this aviation company has flied from Santo Domingo to Aruba, Curacao and Saint Maarten, and it thinks completing five destinations with Antigua and Havana by late 2015, it was reported.