Over 500 Competitors in Havana Triathlon

Más de 500 competidores animarán Triatlón de La Habana
HAVANA, Feb 20 (PL ) More than 500 competitors from 35 nations will animate the 5th edition of the Havana Triathlon, to be held on Saturday, February 23, the sports daily magazine Jit confirmed Wednesday.

The majority of the participants come from Mexico, the United States and Japan, although Cuba, led by female runner-up Leslie Amar and the male champion of the last two years, Michel Gonzalez, will be represented by 19 athletes.

The start of the event will take place at the Marina Hemingway, located in the west of the city, while the finish will be at the iconic National Hotel of Cuba, near the popular Havana Malecon.

According to statements by the Spanish Jose Carrasco, director of the contest, they ‘still have a problem we have not solved, related to the participation of Americans, affected because of the measures of the US President against Cuba.’

However, he assured that ‘thanks to the work done in security matters and the support of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) we have 78 Americans on this occasion.’

Carrasco explained that ‘the opinion of them (the American athletes), by the surveys we apply, is that Havana has the attributes to hold a top event.’

He said that ITU president, Marisol Casado, is already in Havana to ‘support the event, give it strength and celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Havana’.

Casado will also be present at the press conference at the Vedado Room of the National Hotel scheduled for Friday, February 22 at 10:00 local time.

In the next few hours, Casado will fulfill an extensive program that includes meetings with the head of the Cuban Olympic Committee, Roberto Leon Richards, and with other executives.