Outcome and Projections for Cuba´s Natural and Traditional Medicine

HAVANA, Jan 26th  (ACN) The outcome and projections for the Natural and Traditional Medicine Program of the Health Ministry for 2017was informed in Havana during the 2017 Calixto Garcia International Convention which gathered over 300 national and foreign delegates.

Cuban experts talked about the replacement of generic medication for traditional and natural methods including the impact of ozone therapy and the possible use of bee by products for human health.

Other issues discussed during the event that kicked off on Monday on occasion of the 121st anniversary of the Calixto Garcia Hospital were reconstructive surgery including burn patients.

The event’s scientific program which will conclude on Wednesday includes a round table on throat cancer and the management and complications of jaw fractures, among others.

The university hospital has an emergency Center distinguished by its trauma care, in addition to offering specialized, prevention-healing assistance and permanent rehabilitation of its patients.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Martinez Blanco, Director of the hospital and also member of the Cuban Parliament said that the 121st year old center has had important impact in the country thanks to its medical attention.

He mentioned reference specialties like the Reconstructive Surgery in critical burn patients; advanced trauma complex, spinal surgery and neurological trauma operations.

The director also mentioned the hospital’s experience in inner ear surgeries, maxilla-facial service; also cases of head and neck cancer cases, with encouraging development in the cranial-facial reconstruction in addition to micro vascular and minimum access operations.

The hospital staff has consolidated its authority and prestige as an institution of the people and for the people; it’s a national and international reference center in its medical assistance mainly in the integral and multi-disciplinary emergencies turning the hospital into an excellent learning center.