Optimism grows as another oil column revealed on Cuba exploration well

The Australian company Melbana announces the discovery of "high quality oil" in Cuba

HAVANA, Feb.1st The joint venture of Melbana Energy and Sonangol are eyeing up a potential material oil discovery in Cuba based on the size of the structures seen so far at the ongoing Alameda-1 exploration well.The first of the primary reservoir targets – the N interval – has just been drilled through, and strong oil shows with elevated gas readings were seen over a gross interval of 145 metres.

The high-quality shows also revealed zones with good indications of fracturing, which is likely to provide enhanced deliverability from the reservoir, said the operator Melbana.

The well is now drilling onto the second – and largest – of the primary reservoir targets at about 3500 metres depth.

The significance of all the oil shows – including from the unexpected shallow interval discovery – need to be determined by logging.

Melbana Energy’s executive chairman Andrew Purcell said: “We are very encouraged by what this well has told us to date, particularly given we have encountered oil shows now over two significant intervals with this latest area also having significant gas influx, which is a good sign that any reservoir may be well charged.

Subsequent logs and studies will tell us the significance of what we’re encountered but given the size of these structures it allows for the possibility of a material accumulation of oil.”

Following the completion of the Alameda-1 well, the rig will be moved to the well pad that has been constructed nearby to commence drilling of the Zapato-1 well.