Only About 10 Out Of 60 Joint Russian-Cuban Projects Being Implemented

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HAVANA, Dec. 15th  (Sputnik)   Only about 10 out of 60 joint Russian-Cuban projects are being implemented and many topics have been postponed by the Cuban side,

Deputy Head of a Department of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development said on Monday.

The 18th Russian-Cuban Intergovernmental Commission was supposed to be held from December 15-16 in Havana but was cancelled because the list of documents, including those related to the credit and financial sphere, was not ready due to the fault of the Cuban side.

“Only about 10 out of 60 projects are being implemented,” the Executive Secretary of the Russian-Cuban Intergovernmental Commission on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation Oleg Kucheryavy noted.

He added that the Russian side at a high level decided to suspend project activities with Cuba.