On the doorstep British week in Cuba

A las puertas semana británica en Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 9 (PL) British Culture Week in Cuba, from October 12 to 27, will demonstrate the growth of relations between the two countries, said the Ambassador of the United Kingdom Antony Stokes.

We do not celebrate only the British culture, in this event we will celebrate the two cultures at the same time and the mixture between both, said the diplomat in a press conference held at the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, where a premiere of the choreographer is already presented British Lea Anderson.

The Creative Islands program, sponsored by the British Council to promote cultural communication between both nations, led to the installation in Contemporary Dance of Cuba (DCC) of the work entitled The loves of Mars and Venus.

According to Stokes, the sixth edition of the event will focus on the development and potential of the creative industries and the exchange of knowledge between different artistic manifestations leaders in both countries such as dance, film, visual arts, as well as teaching of English here.

The young British musician and designer Natalie Wildgoose will present at the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Cuban Art Factory a collection inspired by the culture and traditions of her country and those of this Caribbean island.

A photographic exhibition at the Fototeca de Cuba will help to revive the concert in Havana of Their Satanic Majesties, The Rolling Stones, through the lens of two young professionals from this country.

Members of the Club of Old Cars ‘A lo cubano’ will parade on October 13 through capital streets of the neighborhood El Vedado, with classic British cars, and the next day at the Yellow Submarino recreational center, two music specialists will speak on one of the bands most successful of all time, The Beatles.

The playwright Jazz Martínez Gamboa will exhibit, on October 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25, in the Adolfo Llauradó hall, a brilliant adaptation of the Shakespeare piece Ricardo III, performed only by women.

To close the sixth edition of the Week of British Culture in Cuba, Stokes invited to share, on October 27, a night of singing and dancing at the Multicine Infanta, where a cult film, The Rocky Horror Show, will be screened. an icon of comedy, horror and musical cinema.