Oldest hotel in Cuba turns 143 years

A Old Havana Historic Jewel Will Be Managed by Blue Diamond Resorts

HAVANA, 23 Dec. The Hotel Inglaterra, the oldest in Cuba, today celebrates 143 years of its opening with a new brightness and appeal for many travelers who come to this country with historical-cultural interests.
Moreover, it is one of the best placed in the panorama of a very touristy Havana that is close to turning 500 years (November 16, 2019), with a strong accent on issues of culture, fine arts and a very delicate gastronomy. Hotel Inglaterra even appeared in Elmore Leonard’s novel, Cuba Libre.

It is located in the Paseo del Prado, number 416, between San Rafael and San Miguel, in front of the Central Park, and therefore it is a bend in the middle of the hustle that represents that area. According to some official reports, it is expected to be integrated into the Marriott International group on December 31, 2019, as the Luxury Collection England Hotel, to be the second hotel managed by a US company in Cuba since 1959 (the other is Fifth Avenue).

The hotel dates back to 1844, when El Escauriza Saloon was built, also called El Café, which in 1863 was sold to Joaquín Payret, who renamed it El Louvre. In 1875, Payret sold the cafeteria to build a theater across the street.
This Café was demolished to raise the Great Hotel of England, a neoclassical building that opened its doors on December 23, 1875. General Antonio Maceo, hero of the Cuban independence wars against Spanish colonialism, stayed at this hotel for six months (1890).

Who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, stayed there in December 1895 while he was in Cuba as a military reporter. This establishment was renovated in 1901, when electricity, telephones, private bathrooms in each room and a telegraph link were installed.

For 1914, its last floor was added, along with its glass canopy. In 1931 it closed due to the impact of the Great Depression and reopened in 1939. It was remodeled in 1973, 1981 and 1989.

On March 19, 2016 Starwood Hotels announced that they would join Starwood’s The Luxury Collection, receiving special authorization from the United States Treasury to reform it. The public relations head of the facility, Ania Mastrapa, acknowledged that since 1994 the England has had an impact. for his musical, literary and plastic arts presentations with Cuban authors.

Hotel Inglaterra

This hotel has three floors and 83 rooms, has the peculiarity that in each of the floors has appropriate decoration, the first, older, with works in sepia, and the second added in 1886 to the building in tribute to celebrities of painting Cuban

And the last floor highlights with color photos, and views of the hotel, and from this to the environment. The master there for more than 25 years, José Luis Brito, points out the theme of Menu Menu, when since 1994 that initiative appeared allows outstanding painters of the country to decorate the gastronomic document by seasons.

The hotel has the restaurant El Colonial, the bar La Sevillana, La Acera del Louvre in the portal and a Grill in the upper part, where preferentially stylized Cuban food is served, very much ordered fish and seafood.
The clientele of England is of Europeans, especially Germans, British, Dutch and Belgians.

The hotel, in the municipality of Old Havana, is classified as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity and National Monument.