Norah Jones concerts in Havana canceled?

Norah Jones concerts in Havana canceled?

HAVANA, Nov 29. After announcing the two concerts that the American singer Norah Jones would offer in Havana,
and all the controversy generated around them, now everything indicates that they have been canceled.The doubt stems from the deletion of the post that the artist herself had made on her social networks, where her presentations in the Cuban capital were announced as part of a tourist package.

Likewise, Dreamcatcher Events LLC, a company that promoted the event with a cost of up to $8,000, removed the package offered to Americans from its booking website. He also did it with the publications made on her profiles on her social networks.

El Nuevo Herald specified, after confirming all the previous elements, that both John Silva, the artist’s manager, and Dreamcatcher Events did not respond to the emails sent to said sources to confirm the cancellation of Jones’ trip to Havana.

The American media also stated that it had called a telephone number related to Dreamcatcher Events, and upon receiving the call, the person who answered hung up.

According to non-state media, people who purchased the package to attend Jones’ two presentations at the Martí Theater would stay at the Grand Aston Hotel, a hotel institution owned by Gaviota that is sanctioned by the US government. .for belonging to the military conglomerate GAESA.

However, El Nuevo Herald reported that the hotel is not on Cuba’s list of restricted entities, so Americans could legally book there. The problem would be that Senator Marco Rubio requested the update of said list and criticized that Jones’ trip to Havana would finance the Cuban government.

After the announcement, several Cuban activists also criticized the concerts, mainly for their unaffordable prices for Cubans.

For example, one of the petitions was led by Cuban artist Lía Villares, who asked the singer to suspend her trip to the island.

“I’m a big fan of Norah Jones and that’s why I started the petition. All events that promote the repressive agendas of authoritarian regimes anywhere on the planet must be boycotted, especially when they involve your favorite artists.

Because I am her fan, I urge her to open her beautiful eyes and raise her beautiful voice against all authoritarian regimes. And defend the democratic values that protect all of her rights,” Vilares wrote.

At the moment, no official announcement of the cancellation has been made, nor the reasons that led the team or Jones to make that decision, but everything indicates that after media pressure the event will not happen.