Niños from Havana

havana-live-Lizt_Alfonso_3Lizt Alfonso – The Children’s Ballet

HAVANA – Hamburg, 3 July  Already twice captured the stunning dance shows from Lizt ALFONSO DANCE CUBA in recent years, the Hamburg audience. After the two successful shows “Fuerza y compás” (2009 in the Deutsches Schauspielhaus) and “Amigas” (2011 at the Thalia Theatre) guest performance “Lizt ALFONSO DANCE CUBA now again at the invitation of Corny Littmann in Hamburg – this time with 10 -14 -year old dancers.
Lizt Alfonso and her company combine all dance styles of Cuba, combining elements of flamenco ballet, contemporary dance and the rhythm of Africa and Spain in an inimitable way. Cuba’s most successful dance theater company not only fills at performances in the Havana theater with 5000 seat, even abroad, from Canada to Holland to the Arab countries.
For over ten years, Lizt Alfonso committed her self to the promotion of young dancer’s and founded especially in Old Havana a school.
The excellent education was already after a very short time so successful that out of the individual age groups independent dance groups araises since then – just like the big boys – successfully occur.havana-live-Lizt_Alfonso2 havana-liveLizt_Alfonso havana-live-lizt-alfons1