News about the appointments of the Nietos Law for Cuba

News about the appointments of the Nietos Law for Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 14 Credentials for Democratic Memory Law appointments at the Consulate General of Spain in Havana will no longer expire once issued,The Aristeo group, which specialized in immigration and migration issues of the Iberian nation, reported the day before.

According to experts, in addition to this novelty, there are new elements to take into account by citizens interested in this procedure or already immersed in it.

The text explains that you can only request an appointment if you have the credentials for the center and that it is not allowed to cancel said appointment once the credentials are confirmed.

On the other hand, if a person does not attend their appointment on the corresponding date, they must wait six months to request a new one.

In addition, to access the Consulate the identity card number will be checked and to be assisted you must come with said card, in addition to the corresponding documentation.

Likewise, the specialists emphasized that the appointment is personal and non-transferable and reminded that they should not be shared.

“The Consulate will in no case be responsible for the misuse of credentials,” the publication indicates.

Democratic Memory Law or Grandchildren Law

The Democratic Memory Law, also known in Cuba as the Grandchildren Law, has been a path that thousands of Cubans have chosen in recent years, and many others are waiting to finish their process to apply for a Spanish passport.

According to the Consulate General of Spain in Havana, credentials are currently being assigned, in order of request, to those who requested them since last July, and also to people who request them now.

Regarding the availability of appointments and possible delays in granting them, the Consulate clarified that due to the number of requests, the assignment of credentials may take several weeks.